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Where Two Worlds Meet

Astari dreamed in vivid colour, she knew everyone dreamed in colour, or at least most people did. She knew it wasn’t something unique to her or some fascinating bit of gossip she could share when she met people for the first time. But somehow her dreams always managed to enrapture her in a way that not even the large cinema screen in her home town ever could.

She never knew that stars could exist in such splendour as they did when she dreamt about them caught against the piercing black sky. In this world, she was surrounded by lush grass and ancient trees that seemed to glow like emeralds, despite the moon being the only source of light. Around her were rolling mountains and hills spotted with glowing moonlit castles, their tall turrets spiralling against the cliffs like snakes wrapping around their prey. These weren’t half torn down buildings that tourists took photos of or grand stately homes that only claimed to be castles. These were warm and welcoming places for creatures far more mysterious than she could imagine. Sometimes on lucky nights like tonight she would see the silhouette of a winged creature pass in front of the moon, a blazing fire erupting from the creature’s mouth and momentarily illuminating its leathery skin…

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